Ewok's Night Out

In the grand tradition of Larry the Lobster and Xena, last night's excursion included two Ewoks.

The Ewoks met at a Denny's. They listened to some really crappy music to get excited about going out. They danced to the beat of "Drop it Like its Hot" by Snoop Dogg. Shopping was on the agenda next. Both Ewoks felt that this tuft was lovely though a little large for their Ewok village.Next up? Dinner. Chips and salsa. Mmm. Dinner lasted a long time. There was a lot of joking about old times in the village as well as a recent trip to Vegas where there was some serious Ewok drama.
The Ewoks had a comfy seat on the way home.
They finished their night off with Nutella cookies, though there was no milk to dip them in.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I will never be too old for Ewok's. They are freak'n adorable!!!!

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