Happy Birthday to... Xena?

Xena the Warrior Princess's Day Out.

At about 11 Xena left for her fun day out.
First she buckled up for safety.Then she went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack.The wait staff sang happy birthday to her, and because she is so special they did not make her hold the lucky crab.
After a delicious meal she went to see a movie (Twilight, but she doesn't want to talk about it just yet because she is still processing how she feels about the whole movie.)Following the movie Xena decided that she wanted a tattoo. (shhh- she is not telling where she got it.)
Getting a tattoo made Xena feel a little less like being safe. She chose to ride on Hairball's shoulder while the car was in motion.
But she needed a few things at Target. (What night out is complete with clearance sailing at Target?)
She bought a Redbull at Target and drank it while shopping for rugs at Linen's and Things (this beautiful rug was about 2 grand! Ouch!)The next stop was dinner, but Xena wanted to be cool and she hung out on the Christmas lights while listening to a woman sing "Love is all around."Dinner was sushi at Kabuki. Xena had a hard time not singing "Kabuki Girl" (the Desendents) at the top of her voice. Darn Redbull!
Xena is getting on in years, and at a little after eight pm called it a night. She went home and read a good book.

Thanks for inviting us all along on your Birthday celebration, Xena!


bodaat said...

Love the pic of Xena in the xmas lights! Very creative post. Thank you for sharing your fun day with us. And ps - Xena is reading an excellent book!

homey said...

xena leads an exciting life! i can't wait to see xena's new tattoo.

tif-do said...

Sounds like you and Xena had a great Birthday celebration! That was pretty darn funny!

Amie said...

too funny! Happy birthday!!

I posted my review of twilight on my blog today. ;)

hairball said...

Sorry if I missed you on Sunday. I felt blah and couldn't keep anything down. Anyways thanks for being my girly girl and letting me vent.

Lorie said...

Nice! Happy Birthday Xena!

Sara said...

LOL, happy birthday Zena. You sound like a girl I want to party with.

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