Larry's night out

Hairball and I swore we wouldn't name him Larry, but what the heck do you name a lobster? We thought maybe "Lucky" or "Leftover" would be good.

In our grand tradition (remember the year Xena got a tattoo?) Hairball and I brought a friend along to document our evening out. Well, actually we totally forgot this grand tradition until we were at JoAnn's and saw Larry in the clearance stuff. He was just so cute and we couldn't leave him there. He loved riding on Hairball's head.After JoAnn's we went to my favorite consignment store, because I could really use a new pair of maternity jeans. However they didn't have any that I loved. (I did find a pair of purple Dr. Martens that I hope will fit Rhayn, they are so cool. I really wish they would fit me.) Larry stayed put away while we shopped, he wasn't excited about baby clothes.

Even before Larry came along, we had planned dinner at Red Lobster.
Larry was not happy about this especially when he saw all of his relatives in the tank just waiting to be eaten. He looked over the menu and cried. Hairball and I ordered the "Ultimate Feast" (to share) and we had to place Larry on a plate. He was not amused. (Is it just me or does he bear a striking resemblance to my brother, Ender?)
After Red Lobster, Hairball needed to buy a gallon of paint. Larry helped her pick out a good color, then we looked at the Christmas decorations. Larry really liked this Christmas yard decoration. I don't think you can see it, but it has a huge lobster on it.

We also went to Target, and Game Works (where we laughed a lot) but we were both tired and didn't bring Larry out. I think he may have fallen asleep.

When I got home, I realized that once again, I took NO pictures of myself. So Larry and I stood in my bathroom and took a crappy mirror shot. Then we got into our pajamas and went to bed.


Amie said...

*giggle* tee-hee *snicker*

Elise said...

that poor lobster. his face went from sad to ANGGGRERRR. i wish we had a pic of that electronic milking cow even if neither of us was brave enough to milk it! You better not neuter that sweater of yours.

bodaat said...

very cute post. :)

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