Such a quiet place

Our house has been very quiet this week. Rhayn was given an awesome opportunity to a. get to know one of her aunts and 2 of her cousins and b. go to Legoland.

Will's younger sister, K was taking her son, A to Legoland with their older (girl) cousin, M. We don't have a lot of contact with his side of the family since most of them live in other places. K lives in the Phoenix metropolitan area (which is huge, look.) But its about an hour drive to her house from ours. (I can get to my parents' house in an hour as well.) But I digress, K offered to take Rhayn with them on their trip. She thought her son, who is 1 year (almost exactly) younger than Rhayn would have more fun with a cousin along*.

On Saturday night, Rhayn went to their house because they were leaving Sunday morning. We didn't tell her about the trip until Saturday night, too. She had her first paper/presentation to write and be ready for school that is due February 25th (the day she'll go back to school.) We made her finish before surprising her with the trip. It was a phenomenal moment, rarely do we get to surprise our kids like that.

They've called a couple of times to let us know that they are having a great time. We all got to talk to Rhayn last night and she had many great stories to tell.

Its been nice to have some time with Gwennie before the baby comes. Will and I celebrated our anniversary by taking a drive up to Payson with Gwennie and Lily. But I am really looking forward to Rhayn coming home tonight.

*When I was a kid my grandma used to take a couple of the cousins on road trips during the summer. I think its part of why our family is still close. We really were able to get to know our cousins, right Tiff? I know, first hand, how great those trips were for bonding and how much more fun you had with a similarly aged cousin.


tif-do said...

That was a great trip. I have so many super memories from going on that vacation. I agree it's good for cousins to get to spend time together.

BrieP said...

I had Jason. when I was little I didnt know he wasnt my cousin. LOL I hope she had fun!

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