Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo

Yesterday, after the girls' last soccer games we headed out to Apache Junction to attend the Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo. This is not something we normally go to, but Will was invited to it by some people he's been working with, and we thought this might be something Gwennie would really enjoy. (Horses, dogs, and cows? How could we go wrong?)

There were pens of wild ponies and burros that one could adopt. This burro was sweet, the girls petted her for a long time.
It was such a nice day out. There was a chill in the air and it was cloudy, but I'll take that over being hot all day. It was Military Appreciation Day, so there were American Flags and patriotism flying high all around us. (Don't you just love the three cowboys in the background with their hats off? I do.)
I've been to one rodeo in my life, and we didn't really watch the rodeo part. My dad was supposed to take me to a rodeo but it just never happened. Life, you know. But there is a cowgirl hiding me and she loves to watch some of the events. My inner cowgirl also longs to wear some boots like these. How could you not love sitting in the stands with the Superstition Mountains as a backdrop?
The girls love appaloosas. This one was a favorite of ours. Gwennie seemed to really enjoy the events. I've never seen her sit so still for such a long time, unless the television was on.
We were introduced to the Cowgirls who make up the Cowgirls Historical Foundation (pictured above). The lovely lady pictured below sat with us through the rodeo. Gwennie was in heaven. One of the ladies picked her up and walked her around to meet all of the horses. Then, as if petting them all weren't enough, she put her up on this beautiful paint and they took a little walk around.
The Cowgirls that were there signed a calendar for Rhayn and Gwennie. One of them wrote "May the Horse be with you!" which made me giggle and I still think its funny, especially for someone who loves horses, like Gwennie.

Will is a very social person, he volunteers to help others, and we have benefited from this over and over. I hope someday to be able to help him out, to get out there and be an asset to society. I also hope that our girls understand just how lucky they are to get to attend events like this. I know I feel blessed (and I rarely use that word) to be able to.


Elise said...

that horse's stance is really weird, is it standing in a ditch? I have always wanted to go to the horse show in scottsdale.....maybe some day.

Amie said...

Looks like a great day! We had free tickets and were going to go to the Arabian Horse thing up in Scottsdale to watch the barrel jumps/races/whatever...but that was Saturday and it was supposed to rain all day and I am sick and I had about 200 pages of reading to do and this would have taken at least 3 hours of my life away and...we didn't go. But I think like yours, my kids would have gotten a kick out of the horses. Glad you finally got to a rodeo!

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