Gratitude with Food

What I am eating, right now. I love potatoes!

Its no secret that I love food. Thankfully I was blessed with an awesome metabolism that thus far has kept me from being gaining weight. I don't usually have to ability to eat a huge meal at once. I eat about as much as Rhayn on a good day (not helped by the baby pressing my innards upwards!)

Yesterday we had a mini-cook-a-thon. Now mind you, this still required a lot of prep work and even though we only planned 6 meals, we ended up making 7 and were there from 9am until 3pm working hard. I do prefer freshly cooked meals to the frozen ones, but you have no idea how many times those meals have saved me. Especially while I was in the throws of morning sickness. Our meal planning guru, D found a really good deal on fresh chicken breast (boneless/skinless) and so we worked around that delivery and chicken dishes.

We made baja chicken enchiladas, parmesean chicken, arroz con pollo (though the arroz or rice part will be cooked separately), white chicken chili, chicken pot pies, stuffed shells (ok no chicken here) and meat sauce (also no chicken, but the meat was also on sale and it doesn't take very long to make.)

We are planning a second mini-cook-a-thon in a few weeks to make some other dishes. I think that plan is beef and barley soup, Jessica's soup (this is one of my favorites even though it has sausage in it), sloppy joes, a couple of cookie doughs and a few other dishes. This should really come in handy for the month after little babykins comes.

I am so thankful for the women who invited me along 2 years ago for that first big cook-a-thon. I have enjoyed their company and am always glad to spend the time with them, getting to know them, and their sweet children. Its been fun watching bellies grow and babies grow.

Speaking of babykins, I am 32 weeks along! That is 8 months. 8! EIGHT! That puts me at 2 months to go, 8ish weeks. I am pretty well freaked out about it now. I feel like this little has no room already, there are feet pushing out both sides. Baby will kick back when I push his/her foot and its fun to do. I got my birth kit in the mail yesterday. I haven't opened it yet, but I know pretty much what is in there. Its nothing exciting (besides the itty bitty hat that will grace this babykin's head soon.) I have started gathering the other things on the supply list, like hydrogen peroxide (takes blood out of carpet and clothes, seriously, try it!). I am still having a hard time realizing that this is all real, and that in just a short amount of time, I will be holding and nursing a new family member.


Amie said...

Wow, it's really getting close! So you're having baby at home again, yes? Can't WAIT to hear all about it! I love the idea of the massive cookathon. I'm not even sure how I'd manage it all on my own, let alone with several other gals in one kitcheN?

Amanda said...

its all so exciting! I can't believe you haven't opened the package. I can hardly wait for the delivery person to hand it to me before I start trying to tear it open. It could be extension cords, I don't care. I am just SO. Happy. For. YOU!

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