Sleeping and Waking.

Gwennie, a few weeks old, sleeping.

This whole not sleeping well crap is getting to me. I know I have written that before. It is no less true right now than it was then. What am I going to do when the baby comes? I was so lucky with Gwennie. Sure, she didn't sleep through the night, in fact she woke up often to eat. However I quickly figured out how to nurse her while not fully waking up. It was awesome. I am so afraid this baby is going to be colicky or not a good sleeper. Maybe he/she will get their days and nights confused. They sure are right now. (7-10pm is wiggle time!)

No matter what time I go to bed, no matter what time I get up, I feel tired. all. of. the. time. Is it just being pregnant? I suppose it could be.

I hate the sound of alarm clocks (who doesn't?) and Will and I set up a light alarm. Its really just a light bar on a timer. It works really well and beats the $70 price tag of some of the light alarms you can buy and its more customizable. During the summer I don't use it at all, since the morning sun shines directly into the window opposite my bed. But when the sun isn't coming up until much later, I need it. (Also, I want an hour of wake up time before I become Mom, because I am not in any way a morning person.)

Normally on the weekends I turn that sucker off. Its easy as the light has a switch on it, then I don't mess up the timer. But I needed to get up for a soccer game that was at 8am yesterday. Last night I just plain forgot. So at 6am the light came on. I tried to ignore it, covering my face with a pillow. It didn't work. (Also, why didn't I just turn it off? Hmmm? I don't know.) It only stays on about 15 minutes. Then it went off, but I was awake. I chose to stay in bed. At 7 I was laying there, talking to Gwennie about which days she has soccer practice and games.

Lily came upstairs to wake us. You see, we are training Lily to wake up Rhayn. When its time to wake her up, Lily gets to run upstairs and jump on her bed and lick her face. I hope that eventually Rhayn will wake up when she hears Lily coming. Plus, Lily gets so excited, its really funny. It has been a better way to wake Rhayn up compared to when Will or I do it. For some reason she wakes up in a slightly better mood then if we just went to wake her up. You may ask, why not try a light alarm with her. Well, she sleeps with her head under the blanket, and even the sun pouring into her room and on her face doesn't rouse her from her slumber. She'd sleep until 10 if we'd let her.

Lily, soon after we brought her home. So cute, so little.

There are so many things I want to do, right. now. Instead all I can imagine doing is laying on the couch sleeping. However the best way to do that is to watch tv and I don't want to watch a kid movie. It won't matter what I put on, the girls will plop down on the sectional and watch it with me. But I think I might have to nap... just because I feel like the walking dead right now.

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Cornfed Princess said...

I love, love, love the pics so stinking cute! And I love the visual of a Lily wake-up call. It's not possible to be grumpy when you get woken up by doggy kisses.

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