I could start every post with "I didn't sleep well last night..." or some variation of the "I am tired" theme. I am trying really hard not to. But I am tired today. I slept alright but 6am was too early and then, instead of my 1 hour grace period (where only Will has to deal with me while I consume breakfast and/or coffee) BOTH of my beautiful daughters woke up at 6. They weren't annoying or ill-behaved. I was just... not ready to be MOM at 6am this morning. So I sulked in the chair. Very grown up of me, I know.

Also, neither of these pictures have anything to do with this post. I just wanted to put them up because I like them.
Yesterday was rather rough. It shouldn't have been, but I was being stupid about it all. Instead of making some calls and getting help, I chose to just deal with it all. Both girls have soccer practice on Thursday nights. Rhayn's starts at 4:30 and Gwennie's at 5. They are NOT at the same location, and are in fact opposite directions from my house. I know a few of the parents on Rhayn's team. BUT one of them was late (her kids have karate first) and the other never came. Will had a meeting at the same time as soccer practice, too. I waited until someone I knew showed up at Rhayn's soccer practice and then took Gwennie to hers (30 minutes late). It all worked out just fine. But I spent all day stressing about it. Soccer is only 6 weeks long, and I want them to get as much out of it as they can. It helps that they are both so excited for practice and games every week.

Here is, yet another, crappy self-portrait of the baby bump. I'm mad because I had to buy new panties this week. My butt hasn't grown that much, but none of the pairs I own covered it fully. I felt like I was pulling everything up, all. of. the. time. Or down, in the case of some of my shirts. I thought I was smaller than last time, and maybe I am, maybe I just feel more uncomfortable in my skin. Or maybe this baby is in a different position that makes me feel like my skin doesn't fit. I don't know. I also bought a sports bra to wear OVER my other bra. I can't explain why that is more comfortable, it just is. Also, the panties I ended up with looked HUGE when I pulled them out of the package. I am used to little panties, because I wear a 5/6 normally. I think its partially because I went with low-rise briefs and boy shorts but still... is an 8/10 that much bigger? (It looks like I am lacking in the gluteus maximus department in this picture, its gluteus minimus, so why doesn't it fit into my panties? Oh yeah... its the hips.)

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Amie said...

so cute! You really look like your mom here. :) (not the belly!)

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