Gratitude Tuesday

This week I am thankful for
~30 weeks! Yikes! 10ish weeks to go. This is freaking me out, but also I am getting excited. There is much I need to get done in the next 10ish weeks! Which brings me to the next thing I am thankful for.
~decluttering. I have been going, room by room, through our house. I have much to donate. The girls willingly went through some of the toys, namely the Littlest Pet Shop toys to pick out which ones they wanted to keep. I did the rest, with a little bit of help.
~energy. After that illness a few weeks ago, I am really glad to have energy back, especially since I want to clean and declutter.

Oh, and how cute does Rhayn look with her new pixie cut? I'm over the shock of it, and really like it. I'm not sure her dad agrees, but its her hair, right? And it is just that, hair. Hair grows out. I personally love this haircut (for myself) and maybe after baby is born will go back to it. Rhayn and I are lucky, I think, we can pull off long and short hairstyles. Some women are not as lucky.


Amie said...

Ooooh I do like it!! She has great cheekbones and the jawline to pull it off.

Meli said...

Love the cut on her, too. It looks great.
I've been thinking a lot about hacking off the dreads and sporting a cut quite similar.

Amanda said...

WOW, she looks Ah-mazing! Please tell her how pretty I think she is!

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