Good morning Monday, how very nice to see you... not.

Yesterday the girls and I had a lovely morning and afternoon out. We went to a Gem and Mineral show and looked at rocks, and other beautiful things. I was tempted by fossilized fish in stone, but managed to walk away, because "Where would I put that?" We had a tasty lunch at Pita Jungle, sharing a plate of Mediterranean goodness. Gwennie loves humus and baba ganoush (or however you spell those things) as does Rhayn. Rhayn discovered tzatziki (much to my dismay, usually I don't have to share it!) and how good it tastes mixed with tabouli. We ate until we were comfortably full.

Then I took Rhayn to get a haircut. She has been asking for months for a pixie cut. I wanted her to keep it slightly longer until after her recital (which was Saturday) then promised her, that if she really still wanted that haircut, she could get one. So we did it. She looks cute, I apologize for the utter crap of the picture. I only took a few pictures yesterday, all are like this- craptacular. She was so happy with her haircut, giddy even. After lunch and the haircut we walked around the Gem and Mineral show a while longer. There were a lot of dogs for Gwennie to pet (she of course asked the owners before approaching the dogs, we've taught her well.) We decided to try a funnel cake, because they smelled really good. It was a little much for the three of us to eat together, but we managed.

At 3:30 we left and drove home. I was done for the day. Although I had hoped to come home and clean house a little (the kitchen, as usual, is a mess) but it didn't happen. I sat on the recliner and checked my email and Facebook, and then when I tried to get up I nearly fell over. I was dizzy. I spent the rest of the evening trying very hard to stay awake enough to be Mom. I even had Rhayn make dinner. She made cheese crisps, but used enough cheese in the 2 for 4 or more.

At 7 I sent Gwennie upstairs to get ready for bed. Rhayn and I hung out downstairs for a while. She told me that although she liked the funnel cake, it was not making her feel good, or maybe she had eaten too much. She then went in the bathroom for a very long time. I went upstairs and checked on Gwennie.

GROSSNESS COMING! (consider yourself warned)

Rhayn threw up. When she came out she told me, and I asked her to go take a bath, hoping she would feel better after that. (She didn't.) She had puked in a powder room (sink and toilet) or 1/2 bath, or whatever you call it, yet managed to puke all over the floor and not in the toilet. Gwennie almost always makes it to the toilet, maybe a little spray around the bowl, but nothing like Rhayn. Its nasty. And I wasn't feeling well myself. I gagged a few times, got the rug and towels into the washing machine and sat back down.


The bathroom still has a slight smell of puke in it this morning. I have no idea why, I thought I cleaned it really well. I must have missed some small puddle.

Rhayn is staying home from school today, she still isn't feeling 100%. It works out fine since I need to pick up Will at the airport at 10 do I won't have to make 2 trips out. I know if I made her get up and walk and eat she'd most likely be fine, but what if she isn't? Sigh, its hard being a parent sometimes.

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lvh said...

She does look cute with that haircut. Madison wanted her hair cut short while I was down there in december but Jill also told her she would have to wait until after her dance recital. Not sure if she's gotten it cut yet but unfortunately the poor girl inherited the Carter hair so it's pretty thin to be very long.

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