What I should be doing...

I feel inspired to sew and create, but this lingering cold (and a migraine on top of it) is keeping me down today. I want to make a bunch more of the Dala horse ornaments that I made for the Winter Faire. I cut them out but haven't started embroidering them. I also have fabric waiting for a few Christmas gifts, including some fleece Gwennie helped me pick out today to make pajama pants for the girls (and myself I hope).

But instead of doing any of those things, I have been sitting here looking at some of my favorite inspirational blogs and shivering. I am looking at our dining room table which has temporarily become a craft station (covered in glitter and mess).

I have pictures to take of some things I have created lately. I have Christmas cards to get into the mail, because I finally picked them up at Costco today. I have laundry to do, as usual, but its cold and that means I probably won't use the clothesline. However it should be in the upper 60s tomorrow so I will do it then.

Oh, and Gwennie has a fever along with her stuffed up nose and the cold. Now its time for Rhayn to pick up the cold and be miserable.

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