I never knew surrendering a dog would haunt me the way it has. Its been nearly a month and not one single day goes by without me feeling like a failure of a pet owner.

Today Will took some mail to our box, and noticed a dog sitting alone and cold on the porch of a house we watched a large amount of people moving out of just a few days ago. Another abandoned dog. And my heart breaks for him/her. I wish I didn't know he/she was there, on that porch alone just 4 houses away, because it brings back memories of finding Penny. I can't believe anyone would just leave an animal, but it looks like someone did.

When I came home from getting Rhayn, there the dog was, I wish I hadn't seen him/her. And there is nothing we can do for it. It kills me inside and once again I am mourning the loss of Penny, and the whole situation that surrounded that.

(And being pregnant and hormonal does NOT help at all.)


Alex's Human said...

Has anyone been feeding/watering that poor dog? Something must be done so it doesn't just die there alone!! If nothing else, it needs to be reported to animal control.. Please don't feel badly! You had to do what was best for your family, and you did it in the responsible way. Sounds like this dog was just left to suffer on it's own.. Hope all is going well and that you're you're getting over your cold!! Love ya!

Amie said...

sometimes its eerie how similar our lives are--my kids found a stray dog today and literally cried when we said they had to leave it where they found it. :( I hope you heal soon...and I hope the little lost dog is taken care of soon.

bodaat said...

You did the right thing Helena - you didn't have a choice and that does not make you a bad dog owner. It makes you a responsible human being who had to make a decision that was extremely painful. I know that you love Penny to absolute bits and that it's killing you but to have kept her would have meant danger for her and Lily. In the end, you gave her so much and she loves you for that.

About the other dog - maybe Will can take him/her to the Humane Society?

bodaat said...

ps - i hope i didn't come across too preachy. that's not what i meant. i can't imagine the amount of hurt you're going through helena. i just hope you don't continue to blame yourself. i truly believe you did the best thing for your family.


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