Thanksgiving with Larry!

Saturday we had Thanksgiving Day (Observed) with my family. Larry the Lobster came along.

We started off at my parents house. It was Lily's birthday (she turned 4) so we brought her along for a playdate with Blue. Ok really we planned to be out of the house most of the day and we like to bring Lily along, it had nothing to do with it being her birthday.

I didn't take very many pictures because I felt so miserable all day. I just didn't have the energy to go outside and take pictures of the kids playing.

At my parents house we should have helped make food. I sat there and tried not to cough and sneeze on the food being prepared. Will helped chop up the apples for Apple Onion Stuffin' Muffins. Rhayn helped read the recipe because it printed quite tiny. (Check out the super awesome purple Docs she has on. I originally bought them for her for Christmas. There was no size in the shoes, so I had her try them on, and they barely fit so I gave them to her early. She told me that she feels "cool" in them. I love her style, this outfit is totally Leaner circa 1994.)

Larry had to check out my parents new Christmas tree (it was about time for a new one, the old fake one shed more than a real tree on New Year's Day!) Mike Wazowski was chilling in the tree and the duo made a nice red/green contrast, don't you think? We went to JVA and SLA's house to eat. I didn't get to hold any sweet babies because of my cold. It was really sad for me. But I held Larry and ate a bunch of food that I really couldn't taste. My sister made an apple pie that I think tasted good. The textures were right. I could smell it a little bit. I didn't overeat like I had on Thanksgiving day, but I still felt bloated. Actually I felt awful because I couldn't get a deep breath and the whole ride home was rather miserable. At home Larry sat with Lily for a quick birthday picture before we all went to bed for the night.


Amie said...

Just like us! Observed Txgiving a day late, I was sick and couldn't taste/smell the food, and I couldn't hold the babies. By Sat/Sun I was holding babies though, I couldn't tear myself away. And love the purple docs.

Elise said...

wow, that lobster sure does get around. who knew he would be so popular. i bet he throws parties when you are out of the house.

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