The last few years my extended family has celebrated Thanksgiving as an observed holiday, due to conflicting work schedules. This has allowed us to start a whole new tradition of having Thanksgiving twice. On Thanksgiving day, we load up and drive just down the road to our friends' house. They have kids close in age to our own and a huge property just right for enjoying the best time of year in Arizona.

This year our other friends joined the party totalling 9 adults, and 6 kids (plus 5 dogs, 2 horses a couple of goats and chickens.) It was a lot off fun and I ate so much I felt 9 months pregnant by the time we all headed home.

Will was happy to get to play some soccer with the guys (and Rhayn.)After soccer, we had dessert. The kids watched a movie. The adults sat around and talked and joked. It was perfect.

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