Want a 5 year old?

Yesterday Gwennie was practically up my butt all day. Also? I have turned into a really grumpy person lately. Possibly it all boils down to food. I still don't want to eat. I struggle to feed myself and my family all of the time. It sucks.

Back to Gwennie... I need a break from her. Only money is tight (read as- there is none) so going to the movies alone isn't an option. As long as I am at home, she. is. right. there. Yes, I love her with all of my heart, but a mama needs a break once in a while. (Preferably more than one hour, k?) Does anyone want her for a few days, maybe? (Mom? Brie?)

Back to food... we are doing a cook-a-thon on Friday and I am so happy. We'll have a month's worth of meals that I won't have to think much about. I am just hopeful that I can eat most of it.

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hairball said...

is there any way i could join in on that cook a thon? even giving you money or something. meals have been tough lately with work, school, and kids. let me know.

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