Too many dogs at my house (Halloween preview)

Gwennie wants to be a "Super Hero Dog" for Halloween. Simple, eh? She needed a dog costume and a cape, of course. Last week we went to a local thrift store and purchased a brown sweat suit for her. Then we headed over to JoAnn's for ear and tail fabric. It only took about 20 minutes to sew the ears and tail onto the sweat suit. Gwennie helped me by letting me know how long she wanted the ears and tail.

I will make the cape at a later time, but we bought Ice blue crushed panne (to match the stripes on her jacket) for it. Rhayn has chosen to be a ninja, and luckily at the thrift store we found a full costume and I do not have to "make" anything for it. She does want blue fabric instead of red for the belt, but that involves cutting and no sewing.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

she's too much. I love being around her!

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