Do I post a lot about food?

This morning I had coffee with a friend. My first cup of java in months. I know, bla bla bla bad for baby... well I only drank like a 1/4 of the cup and I threw it up when I got home. Puke that smells like hazelnut coffee is not so bad.

Gwennie and I stopped to get some food at Fresh and Easy and I picked up a package of California Rolls, oh man were those good. I really wish I had more. Or maybe just some edamame to eat now (going to check our freezer for it). Nothing has tasted that good in weeks, months even.

On a side note, I actually feel pretty good so I'm going to start going through some boxes of kid clothes that my friend Jim gave me. That should make me feel like I've accomplished something today.

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Amie said...

I don't think you post a lot about food at all. Hey, it's your pregnancy journal, detail away!

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