Gratitude Monday

This week I am thankful for

  • 10 weeks along, baby is growing and soon we will enter the wonderful land of the 2nd trimester, where all is great and I have energy again. (I hope.) I have been feeling, sort of, better. I mean I have actually cleaned the house a little, so it has to slowly be getting better, right?
  • sleep. At night or during the day I am thankful for sleep.
  • food, although I am still having a lot of aversions to food, there have been some items that taste good now. I have actually been able to eat more at a sitting and that helps.
  • Gwennie, she is sweet and helpful. And I just love listening to her play quietly near me. She has been such an easy child, I worry that this baby will be a terror. I can not believe she will soon be 5.

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