Updating you all.

Considering what a winner I have felt like this week, its no wonder I am in a funk. I am curious if it is depression, seasonal or otherwise. I have been having a really hard time feeling happy. I can put on my happy face and fake it like a pro, but honestly I feel like a walking zombie.

On the baby front, my period is due mid week next week. We weren't trying nor were we preventing getting pregnant. Although I would feel terrible if we did get pregnant as the baby would be due December 23rd, I would be ecstatic about the baby. I am worried that my period will come and it will be the straw that breaks the camels back and I will lose it.

I have felt pretty close to losing it the past few days. Last night I was nearly in tears because I feel awful from this cold and I wanted popcorn but Will was on the phone and it was taking forever. I was taking deep breaths. This morning I almost cried because I can not work out TV, Will bought an XBox and it plays Windows Media center through the computer, but I am seriously challenged when it comes to using it. I really would like to watch some of the movies on there, but if I can't get it to work then I can't watch it all weekend (see next paragraph). I did accidentally turn the XBox off this morning, too. That caused a whole new issue.

Will is gone all weekend (not helping me with the whole feeling like crap thing.) He has training and left this morning at 5:30am. (Or O=dark-thirty). Rhayn has a birthday party tomorrow, and we haven't gotten a gift yet. Its a sleepover which is fine except that on Sunday I have a baby shower/blessingway to go to. Rhayn will be a major grump after the sleepover I am sure.

I am sure I have written about Gwennie and her panty issue before. Well I have been looking for plain white boxer briefs that I could dye pink or purple for her and I found some really cute girl-print boxer briefs on Etsy. However they were $22-27 for three pair. We all know I fancy myself as a crafty one, so I decided I can make them for her. I found this really awesome blog post about re-purposing toddler t-shirts into boxers for a boy and thought it would work well for Gwennie (although I plan to use elastic for the waistband and knit fabric I bought at Joanns.) I hope to get at least one pair done this afternoon, but I haven't started it, instead I have been knitting a pair of longies (or shorties I haven't decided) for a friend, or maybe for our future little birdie.

Will brought home a cold that caused him to stay home from work. Its not bad but my head has pressure and last night I had a slightly elevated (for me) temperature. I am feeling better, but not great from it and I only hope it goes away completely soon.

We are having some people come and work on the patio cover, to do the stucco. They should have been working on it all week, but didn't come yesterday or today. I am curious why, as they were given earnest money to complete a task, and since Will isn't home there isn't anything I can do about that either (its his job.) I should stress about it, but I was hopeful that it would be mostly done by now.

Our car is running so much better. We had the oil... um... something replaced to help it not leak oil as badly as it was. It seems a lot better and the service engine soon light hasn't come back on. My fingers are crossed that it will continue to run well at least for the summer.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I am so sorry that you have been in a funk.. please don't break down... I don't want you to be sad... but if you need to, email me or something.. we can even chat on the phone if you want.. I hope this time without Will passes by quickly and you can get back into things soon..

Amanda said...

I don't know how you feel about food for therapy... But I made a fruit pizza that I am thinking about leaving my family for. Seriously. I love it. I made two, one for me (my family) and one for the blessingway. I'll share with you Sunday! Maybe we can find a way to hide in a corner and eat it, and not be social...

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