On the Rio Salado

Will had the day off so we went for a hike. Since we didn't get to do anything else all weekend (what with the great water heater replace of 2010.) Rhayn asked to go to the place with the green slime that Gwennie had been to. We took the dogs.

The weather was perfect for a short hike. The sun was shining and a slight breeze was blowing. We took our time, letting the girls (and dogs) explore the smells and sights. Lily actually stepped in the river, on purpose. She was fine with it all, until she stepped in a little deeper than she felt comfortable with. She turned and hopped out.

Lily was being so well behaved that for a short time Gwennie walked her. (I was next to or near her at all times, in case Lily saw some people or forgot her manners.)

Rhayn never holds still or looks at the camera long enough for me to get good pictures of her. Most of the pictures of her that I have taken lately are of the back of her head. She was gathering rocks and rinsing them off in the river.

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bodaat said...

i have to get out there! every time you write and post pictures about that place, i get excited to have a place like that in phoenix. :)

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