Week in Review

Gwennie became "Charlotte" when we visited this play structure.

This week started off normally. Monday and Tuesday were typical days. But on Wednesday I decided that it would be fun for Gwennie and I to go to the zoo. We hadn't been in a while. After dropping Rhayn off at school, Gwennie and I headed to the zoo. It was a chilly day, only reaching about 61 for a high. It was cloudy and rained a little. It was a nice trip and we both enjoyed ourselves.
Gwennie loves horses. This guy's name is Smokey and he lives at Harmony Farms at the zoo.

On Thursday I usually watch a little girl, but her mom had called and told me that she had a fever and would be staying home. This left me free to go on Rhayn's first field trip, ever. The class was heading downtown to see a bit of Sleeping Beauty (the ballet.) I was excited to go, but at the same time, I was in a not very nice mood. I may have neglected to eat breakfast, and my blood sugar lever was low. (It was also mid PMS time.) I got lost and was not nice to a good friend of mine who was helping me find my way. The ballet was lovely, although Gwennie was so thirsty that she complained through much of it.

Friday morning I helped out at the school for Open Enrollment. The school is a charter school and this is how they take applications. Each possible student's application gets a number and then, in a lottery drawing, the new students are picked. I clearly remember the day that we received our call stating that Rhayn got in and asking if we were still interested. It was a very happy day for me.

After helping out at the school Gwennie and I visited a friend of hers who was home with the chicken pox. Gwennie had received the varicella vaccination and so was safe. (I am sure that even if she hadn't been we would have headed over for a chicken pox party.)

On Saturday Rhayn had asked Will if he would take them to play tennis. I chose not to go, instead I went to the grocery store. When I got home, Will showed me that the water heater was leaking. That would have to be replaced. I sat at the computer and researched water heaters. I wanted to get a tankless one, but we don't have a gas line and the electric tankless water heaters are not very reliable. Instead we replaced it with a comparable 50 gallon Whirlpool water heater.

As soon as Will had it disconnected and was draining the tank, he noticed that the pedestal that the water heater sat on was mildewed and wet. It would be at least the next morning before we could put the new one in. (I was mad I hadn't taken a shower that morning, because I knew it would be another day before I was able to get one.) We went inside and left the pedestal with a fan on it all night.

Our vehicles, the girls were pretending that they were driving while Will worked on the water heater.

Sunday morning came. Will told me that he had to put some more spackle on the pedestal and that would have to dry before the water heater could be installed. Rhayn was going to go sit backstage with her friend while he performed in Sleeping Beauty (the ballet). His parents planned to take him to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians- The Lightning Thief and invited us along. I watched the preview and read a little about it to see if it would be too much for Gwennie. We decided that I would take Rhayn to the movie and Gwennie would stay home with Daddy.

After the movie I stopped in at Lowe's and picked up a drain pan to put under the water heater. Then Will and I put the water heater on its pedestal. He hooked it up. And finally we had hot water again.

Its been a long week, and I am exhausted. Luckily we have two more days of weekend. Tomorrow is President's Day, and then Rhayn also has Tuesday off. This whole week is half days due to Parent/Teacher conferences. This week will be much better than last week for sure.


lvh said...

I cannot believe the quality of appliances they put in new homes. A water heater should last at least 15 years if not longer. And it seems like Bri's dishwasher went out and G'ma's oven. I keep thinking the heating element in our water heater is going to go out and need replaced but "knock on wood" after 8 1/2 years, it's still going strong. Tankless would be great but we don't have gas here either - maybe the next house - but then again, up north, we may be paying to have water delivered since that's the way a lot of homes up there are.

hairball said...

Is the cute old shetland pony still at the zoo?

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