Along the Rio Salado

I'm not sure I'm in Phoenix anymore!

On Friday afternoon Gwennie and I had a little bit of time to waste and I had recently read a blog post about the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area which is located just south of downtown Phoenix.

I had seen the signs for the Phoenix Audubon society many times, thinking "I really should check that out." When Gwennie and I went, we were impressed. We were only able to see a small portion of it, parking just off of Central Ave and taking a short hike. However the trails along the river extend about five miles.

There was a much to see, including some slimy algae that Gwennie did not want to touch. I had to coerce her into it and then she wanted to go back and touch it again.

One of the things I dislike about living in the city is not being surrounded by nature. However finding places like this and the one in Gilbert (via another blog that I love) has revived my outdoors spirit. Sure, its just the beginning of February and the weather is perfect here, but these places rejuvenate my love of Arizona.


tif-do said...

How cool!!!

bodaat said...

thank you for the tip!! i am sooooooooooo going. :) i'm excited, it looks so beautiful. is it safe to go alone? rich won't have patience with my photography, nor shila.

leaner said...

Bo, I don't know. There were a lot of people there. You know I would gladly go with you :)

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