I have a headache, its day two of this lovely headache. I can also tell that my period is coming. I was such a beast yesterday morning, I broke a hole in the wall near our bathroom. (The door didn't have one of those stoppers, so when I pushed it open forcefully it went right into the wall. Whoops.) Since then I have been medicated enough to be calm, and also yelling hurts my head. No, its not the worst migraine I have ever had. In fact, its a fairly mild one. But still, it lingers and that bugs me.

Rhayn had a 4 day weekend last weekend because of the dentist. This weekend its because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday. I enjoyed having her home. I have spent a lot of time lately wishing she was homeschooled so that I wouldn't have to get up and drive so much. Alternatively, of course, I wish the school closest to us was worth going to. Neither of these is the case, and I don't know if I would be a good homeschooling mom (nor do I think Will would be down with that idea.)

Then the girls fight (as they are at this very moment) and I remember why I am glad when Rhayn leaves for the day to learn. They get along most of the time, but not always. They especially do not get along in the afternoon of a busy day like today.

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BrieP said...

I know I could not be a good at homeschooling. I dont know what to do when it is time for madders to go to school.

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