Our Night Out

My mom came up yesterday to take the girls home for the night. Will and I hadn't had a date night since November when we went to the marriage seminar.

While he worked on the patio cover roof, trying to get it done before this big storm is set to hit the southwest, I took the girls to meet my mom. Then we both took a short nap before we went out.

The thing that sucks most about having a date night, is that often we have no idea of what to do. I mean of course there is dinner and a movie, or walking at the park. We need new ideas. Last night was a variation on that theme. We went out for dinner, originally I had planned for us to enjoy cheese fondue at the Melting Pot before our next step (which we would determine during the cheese course.) Instead after our arrival at the Melting Pot, we decided to enjoy a whole meal there. It was really pleasant, albeit a little warm in the booth. Will said that those intimate booths are not the place to take a fresh from Iraq soldier. He worked through the feeling and I think we had a good time.

The cheese is my favorite part, cheddar and beer is good, dipping crisp apple and bread in it is also good. The dinner, well I think if we went back we would skip that. Although the broccoli was exceptionally tasty. We had to finish off with chocolate fondue. I chose the yin and yang, an artfully blended white and dark chocolate mix. (No, I didn't take a single picture, what is wrong with me?) We both agreed that the strawberries dipped in the chocolate were delectable.

We discussed what to do next, I would have liked to see The Lovely Bones, but he would have fallen asleep during the movie. We chose to go to Target (variation on the walk around the park.) We hadn't been to Target together in a while, possibly since he's been back, but we couldn't remember. He found some shirts for running, and we bought a gift for Rhayn's upcoming birthday. Most of all it was nice being in each other's company.

We left Target about 8pm, and headed home. I know, it was an early night. So? We went home and watched television for a short while before going to bed. I prefer to keep our routine, not varying from it too much, because the dogs get up at 6 AM no matter what time we go to bed.

All in all, it was a nice night, and today we have been working on the roof of the patio cover, and also took a trip to Lowe's (and Home Depot) together. Now I am going to take a nap, while he continues to work on the roof.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Sounds like fun... we need to be able to have date nights... i nursed for so long and haven't felt comfortable enough having leala with anyone else, so it just hasn't happened. (Kevin feels the same way that I do, so it's not just my fault.. lol).

Amie said...

I've heard the melting pot is sooo good, if a bit pricey. Should I just go for dessert?

bodaat said...

We need a date night! Yours sounds lovely. I love the Melting Pot and especially the dessert. Yum! :)

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