I love this blog- SouleMama and have even looked at her book at the library. Inspired by her, I am starting to take some pictures of "corners of my home". Another inspiring blog that I watch is My Longest Year. Her take on this was a little different, its how our house looks normally- as in with the clutter. You can see that post here. I love the idea of this, too. These pictures are not cleaned up (nor is the first in focus apparently). This is how these areas usually are, filled with life, and all that goes along with it (including a white pumpkin I bought in October on the piano.)
Here you go:

My crafting/sewing area. I love this area. I need a more comfortable chair and a nice big table for cutting things and it will be perfect.

The piano, with its new friend the braided ficus that the girls and I bought at Home Depot. I bought Rhayn and myself Momma Mia! for the piano for Christmas, and yes I play and sing it but do not ask for a recital, not going to happen.

This nook is in our kitchen. I believe it was meant to be a desk, but there is not even enough room for one person to walk by let alone a chair to reside here. I bought a cheap tv cart at Target and some bins and drawers. This keeps the art supplies close to the kitchen table (where they are most used) and should be easy to clean up. I just bought the three-drawer bin today, so we'll see how that goes. The upper right bin is for Will to keep his project. Right now it has a nail gun and his tool belt in it. On the bottom the left is for lunch boxes and the right is cloth napkins. (We use those at nearly every meal.)


BrieP said...

I have some pictures of my room when I was younger. I love looking back at them. I might just have to go take some pictures of mi casa.

I like the storage in the "desk area" in your kitchen

leaner said...

Me, too! I love looking at the background in old pictures. Even if its messy. I thought this was an excellent idea. I can't wait to see yours!

lvh said...

i need someplace to put out cloth napkins so we can start using them - i hate using paper every meal and then throwing them away - what a total waste of paper.

corners are cool - I love yours

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