Making gifts at our house.

Good morning world.

I am trying to feel festive this week. Its been so warm lately that it doesn't feel like winter or Christmas. Hopefully the temperature drop they are talking about will help me feel more festive.

Today is the first official day of winter, its also the winter solstice, Longest Night. I love celebrating the change of the seasons. Today we are planning on making paper snowflakes to celebrate. We will also string popcorn to put in the trees for our local pigeons and doves (sure, there are other birds but pigeons and doves are bullies.)

I am really excited about all of the things that we have to give the girls! We made some of the gifts this year, well I always make gifts, but even Will got in on it this year. He is awesome.

This is one of the items Rhayn had asked for, along with the winter fairy. I made the fairy, sure its not exactly the same as the one in the catalog, but I know she will love it. I also made Gwennie the summer fairy. (She really just wanted the unicorn. Rhayn wanted to make one for her, but we ran out of time.)

Will sanding the top level.

Yesterday, Will asked Rhayn to design her fairy forest home. She drew pictures and then she and I made a footprint for it that he used to cut out the base and the top level (using leftover wood we had in the garage.) Then we used branches from our mesquite tree trimming for the supports. Of course, Rhayn helped a little to make it, and she is really looking forward to opening her fairy.

Fairy Forest Home

My heart swells with love and pride when I think that I could have spent $100 on this, and sure it would have been easier, but really? She is going to love this home so much more, because she helped make it, and she was able to watch it being built.

Fairy Forest Home.

After he made the fairy forest home, he cut the rest of the wood into smaller pieces. The girls and I will sand those and they will be blocks for Gwennie. I'll post pictures of those when they are done, so you can see.

***Updated!***These still need to be finished off with fine grit sandpaper, but that may need to wait until they have dried out.


Mo said...

Gosh, I am so impressed! I have looked at those fairy homes before and thought they are lovely but way too expensive, and have never bought one as a result. You are both so clever. What a great feeling knowing that you have both made something so special for your girls!

leaner said...

I know, the price was ridiculous for what it is. One of Rhayn's best friends has one, with all the fixin's and that is why she wanted it so badly.

Amie said...

Wow I think that is simply awesome!!!

bodaat said...

i want a fairy home! :)

lvh said...

That is absolutely the best - I love it and I want one too - I especially like the scarf. And I notice that you have at least one strawberry shortcake on your tree - cool. Have a very merry Christmas.

leaner said...

There is one Strawberry Shortcake and one Apple Dumpling riding on the turtle. I love the smell of them.

I love that scarf, too, I usually have it on the piano, but it wa recently replaced by a seasonal runner.

Cornfed Princess said...

This post made my heart melt.

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