Gratitude Day 11

Today I am thankful that I have tickets (Thanks for the group discount, Amie!) for Phantom of the Opera. When I was in junior high, we played some of the music from Phantom in band. I have been enthralled with it ever since. But have never been able to see it live. My husband has been twice, once since we got married, without me. (I'm not bitter... not at all.) I have refused to see the movie version, too. I wanted to wait, I love the anticipation of it. Just like on Christmas morning I was always excited to see what was in those present, and have never been tempted to peek beforehand.

Tonight we are getting all dolled up and going to see Phantom of the Opera, and I can not wait!

Happy Veteran's Day, especially to my sweet husband and awesome brother.

Here is a picture of my brother Ender from 2004, his first deployment.

Picture of our family shortly before he deployed.

The most heartbreaking picture of Gwennie watching her daddy leave.


HomegrownTexan said...

How fun! I saw the production many years ago with my mother-in-law. I knew nothing about it, really, but I absolutely loved it. I'm sure you'll love it as well. :)

tif-do said...

Have a great time, you are going to love it!

Cornfed Princess said...

Damn you, that photo of Gwennie made me cry. So glad he's home!

leaner said...

Thanks Corn-fed princess, we are glad, too. Especially Gwennie.

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