Veteran's Day Parade

Biplane flyover to begin the festivities.

Soldiers carry a flag that measured 30 feet by 40 feet

108th Army Band, Arizona National Guard

Lovely old truck carrying Pearl Harbor survivors.

What parade is complete without a bag-piper?

"...Gonna roll on my Segway..."

What are these things called?

The Sheriff of Nottingham in one of those vehicles. Does anyone else feel more respect for the sand colored one filled with our soldiers? He did have beautiful horses proceeding him.

Miniature horses, they were so cute.

We stood next to this Vietnam Vet, who shook a lot of fellow Vets' hands.

The kids waving flags some group had passed out.


Amie said...

Cool! What an awesome flag, too!

lvh said...

sheriff of nottingham - I don't get it. Never had the opportunity to go to a veterans day parade but it sounds like a great thing to go to (problem is, my eyes fill with tears anytime the flag passes by in a parade so probably wouldn't see much through teear filled eyes. I definitely think the parade should be filled with vets.

bodaat said...

great pics! makes me want to go next year.

leaner said...

I did tear up a few time. There were so many floats filled with vets, even some from WWII and we even had a Navajo Code Talker in a car. He was the cutest little old man.

In reference to called Sheriff Joe Arpiao the Sheriff of Nottingham, I have to admit to not caring much for our current county sheriff.

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