Halloween Festivities at School

At Rhayn's school for Halloween, they carve pumpkins, then everyone puts on their costume and they walk around the school so that everyone may see. As per usual, I stayed to help, even though my voice is sort of missing. Yesterday I could hardly talk at all, today is better but I still sound like I smoked a pack of cigarettes then screamed all night at a concert.

But back to the pumpkin carving. Gwennie brought her pumpkin to carve, she did a big whopping nothing to help, but I ended up putting the guts out and everything. It looks like she is helping in this picture, but really that is all she did, pull the top out, and didn't want to get her rainbow sleeves dirty.

Rhayn has a very loose tooth, and was too busy trying to wiggle it to smile for me. This is the best of a bunch of awful pictures of her holding her pumpkin. This was the first year she carved it almost 100% by herself. I had to help just a little in getting the top off because it was quite a thick pumpkin.

For the "parade" Rhayn dressed up like a vampire cat, however for Halloween she will be Hermione Granger.

Gwennie was a tiger kitty "Rawr!" and had to have rainbow stripes to walk in the parade with the big kids.

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