I need energy. I need a swift kick in the pants. I need a reason to clean my house, because it is just not happening. Tomorrow I have a play date planned, here, at our house, in all the filthiness. So hopefully I will get it picked up at least somewhat before they get here. A good portion of the mess is stuff to be given away. I am just waiting for the next VVA donation pick-up (its this Wednesday! Yeah!) to get it out of my dining room. Hopefully when they happens we will be able to use that room again, well not that we use it much when Will isn't home, but sometimes we do.

Rhayn had swim lessons this morning, and it was nice. She made it to level3 which is good because last summer she started at level1. Gwennie will have swim lessons starting in 2 weeks, and hopefully she will even put her face in the water. She hasn't wanted to do that for me. She does want to swim, or at least stand in the water. Anything is a huge improvement from last year's fear of the water.

The puppy is still here, I have put her in Lily's crate at night and she seems to be doing well with it. Today I made fliers which I put on the mailboxes around the neighborhood. I really hope someone calls to get her. I am so torn on what to do if no one does. I mean, if I am being honest, a big part of me wants to keep her. But a friend of mine said that adding a member to the family while the spouse is gone for an extended period of time might not be a good idea. I agree- to an extent. It isn't ideal, and she is a pit mix, which I wasn't to keen on getting. But she is a sweet dog, and how could I not fall head over heels in love with that spotty nose and sweet face? She needs to be housebroken, but she already is getting better on the jumping thing (almost better than Lily even). She needs to be spayed, too. But that isn't a big deal.

If Will was home, we would have figured this out by now. But he isn't and once again I am not hearing from him with any regularity. So many ANG wives say that they hear from their spouse daily, and know approximately what time he will be online to chat or may even have scheduled weekly phone calls. I feel like I am getting totally gypped in this aspect. There is nothing else I can do, besides continue to be supportive. I know that he is having a hard time, and it may be hard for him to talk to us. I just wish he understood how much harder it is on us when we rarely hear from him. Maybe he does... I don't know.

We only have about two more months, that is my current mantra. Two more months and we can start the new normal.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Hang in there.. you can do it..

bodaat said...

yes you definitely can!

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