Over scheduled.

I awoke this morning, feeling better. I thought "Ha! My day of rest kicked el sinusitos posterior. I am awesome." Alas by 11 this morning, the pressure was building again. I had some errands to run and did them, two kids in tow and head throbbing. We even made it to Sunflower market to pickup a Neti Pot. (Which I am mad didn't say ON THE OUTSIDE that I need non-iodized salt with. What will iodized do to me, what about sea salt?) Now I can feel my temperature rising, and I know that if it isn't gone in the morning, I will have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor for my antibiotics. (Oh, joy here comes a yeast infection. My favorite.)

Yesterday I was looking at a calendar and found out that I had triple scheduled, no, quadruple scheduled myself on Saturday. First off, I was planning (months ago) to go visit my in laws. I haven't seen them since October! Second, Rhayn's class at school was planning an impromptu, non-school sanctioned camping trip. Third, two months ago, I had signed up for a family reintegration class given by the Army National Guard. And Fourth, I had signed Rhayn up for "camo-camp" a day camp for kids whose parents are deployed or in the National Guard.

Now, I think that the camping trip would be a lot of fun. But I am feeling panicky about taking the girls by myself. I also feel like the reintergration class is the most important thing I have scheduled this weekend. I want to feel prepared for his return home. I can (hopefully) go to my in laws in a few weeks. At the very least, we are planning on heading up there for the 4th of July.

I am almost certain I can take Rhayn to her camo-camp and then just have Gwennie with me at the ANG doohickey. I was looking forward to camping, though. I feel sad that our weekend is such a mess. The worst part is that I have so many other weekends this summer, and this one is the only filled to the brim one. Ugh.

Does anyone have a cloning machine? So I can do more than one thing? Sigh.


HomegrownTexan said...

How interesting...I'm determined that we will go camping this summer, and was seriously just commenting to hubby a couple of days ago that I wondered if you would enjoy camping. Ironically, we're trying to go this weekend (but that might not happen). After that, we have plans and/or I will be away in Texas with the kids until after July 4th. But, would you want to go with us sometime after that? We could pool our resources/cooking/etc and you wouldn't have to feel like you're "alone" with the kids (which can be tough, I know). Maybe we could do some geocaching, too; I've been kind of itching. Let me know what you think.

Feel better soon, chica. You know to take probiotics and/or yogurt with those antibiotics, right?

BrieP said...

Your weekend is the oposite of mine. I HAVE nothing to do at all. But that is ok. You always seem to be busy on the weekends that scott works. Oh well maybe next month.

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