Bring on the Antibiotics!

I should be feeling better soon. I took my sorry butt to the doctor today. He agreed wholeheartedly that I do in fact have a sinus infection. He said that my left lymph node is swollen (duh, it HURT when he was pressing on it!) He said there was pus in my throat, too. Yeah.

The whole left side of my face feels distorted. Its not, I stared at it long and hard. It looks perfectly normal.

After the doctor gave me a prescription for amoxicillin we discussed that these usually bring on yeast infections, too. So he wrote a prescription for diflucan as well. I have ten days of twice a day amoxicillin and then a "just in case" diflucan- one dose. He also said he was giving me a higher dose of amoxicillin than I may have gotten in the past.

I picked up the prescriptions at Target then took Gwennie to her dance class. Rhayn stayed at her friend's house. I finally got ahold of a friend of mine who was selling some heavy duty garage shelves. Her husband would be at their house to help me break them down and load them up. Which meant that after Gwennie's class we headed over to do that.

Rhayn's friend's mom called and asked if Rhayn could just stay the night, which is fine by me.

I finally arrived at home, and tried to open the garage. It wasn't working. Hmmmm. I tried the garage door opener in the car (and truck) thinking maybe batteries that were threatening to go out finally took the plunge. Nope. Gwennie and I went inside and noticed that the lights weren't working either. Not in the downstairs bathroom, or the laundry room. But the outlet in the garage works.

For about thirty minutes I ran outside and in, trying to fine the right switch. I finally gave up, because my head was throbbing again. I have no idea what to do about the switch now. Its a good portion of the house that is out. I will have to call a friend for help, because I am at a loss. Its possible that I just neglected to flip one of the switches, right? But what else would cause so much power to go out? Hmmmm. It also will make finishing my garage project take even longer, because I can not work in there with the door down. Its just way too hot. Plus I have to take all of the pieces of the garage shelves all the way around through the front door instead of simply through the garage. Ugh. It seems like everything is breaking right now, and I don't have the energy nor brain power to fix it.

***Updated to add that the neti pot is pretty neat. Once you realize that you put way too much salt in and that is why your eyes are burning. (Um, yeah, I read the instructions hours ago, but did not reread them when I was making the mixture, and I put 8 times the salt in. Geesh, I feel like a genius!) The saline solution was warm and nice, and made some pretty nasty stuff come out of my nose. It feels clean and nice now. I will have to use it again. It was so worth it.


Amie said...

I can't believe you actually tried the Neti Pot! Actually, I do...it's right up your alley. I've never actually known someone to do it without nearly killing themselves!

We've got antibiotics going in our house too (ear infections and fevers) good times!

leaner said...

Once I figured it out, and remembered to breath through my mouth it wasn't too bad. I know lots of people who use it to help with allergies to pollen and dust. Since those are my allergies, too, I am hopeful. I will also be recommending it to my dad. :)

Its not fun to have an infection when its hot outside... well its NEVER fun to have an infection! lol

bodaat said...

Because of your review, i just recommended the Neti Pot to one of my coworkers who is having sinus problems. :)

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