Another One Bites the Dust

This afternoon, as I was preparing myself to go to the grocery store, I noticed that Gwennie was awfully cuddly with Rhayn. This isn't a big deal, because they were watching Robin Hood, and snuggling on the couch. I thought she was asleep so I put my hand on her head, and it was hot. A string of expletives ran through my head. This meant she was coming down with the dreaded illness. I took her temperature- sure enough it was 101.5. Joy. She wasn't yet throwing up, so if we ran to the store that might be alright. But the window was closing on when it could be done.

Rhayn was excited to get out of the house. She was feeling better, even though her temperature was still (and is still) hovering at 99.9 F. At the store, Gwennie laid her head on the handle (which I covered with a cloth grocery bag, they are so useful!) while we grabbed some milk and frozen fruit for smoothies.

We made it home with no problems. Gwennie curled up on the couch and promptly fell asleep and slept for about 2 hours. She peed and that woke her up. Luckily the pee only seeped onto the blanket she was on and not the couch.

I held Gwennie for a short time, and she was back asleep. She was in and out of sleep until 6:30. At 7 we came upstairs to read a story, and Gwennie burped, but I could tell she was about to blow. I asked her to hold it for a second and ran her into the bathroom. She threw up all over the carpet, backing away from it, before vomiting again. I put her in the shower while I took care of the rugs. Then helped her out and dried her off before reading Rhayn her story.

My fingers are crossed that this is the extent of the illness with Gwennie, one throw up session. Rhayn threw up every time she drank anything for about 24 hours, so I am tentatively giving Gwennie a sip or two every so often. She hasn't spewed in an hour.


Mo said...

I am sorry you have two sick girls. Hope they feel better soon and let me know if you need anything OK! x

lvh said...

Hey - did G'ma give you a stove with the recipes in. One of them is:

1/2 pint orange juice
1/2 pint water
2 T sugar
1 tsp salt

Give one tsp every 15 minutes for 2 hours. Thereafter give 1/2 oz every 15 minutes......

I know it is a really really old recipe that she had. I used it a few times and it seemed to help - course maybe it was just something to do to keep me busy while the kids were sick.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Oh no, I'm sorry...

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