Our house is a DEN of viruses.

I suppose that because my girls have a virus, my computer was jealous. Because today it started acting very strangely. Every time I would try to access Pioneer Woman's website (no, I am not linking to her website) my computer would freeze. Odd, I know. She said she was having server issues, I assumed that it was high volume of traffic on her site. She was giving away a kitchen-aid mixer people!

My anti-virus scanner started telling me it was deleting viruses and I needed to restart my computer. Not a biggie, right. I did it, then again and again. I am pretty sure I restarted it five times or more, and nothing. NOTHING, it still showed the same issues, the same risks. I finally got on chat with the Norton folks because I started getting pop up after pop up saying that my email was not sent. Only they were emails to strange people, and with weird subjects like- "Free Tab.le.ts." and "Tab.le.ts for Men." It made me panic.

I broke down and started crying, because what am I supposed to do? My computer geek is on the other side of the world, and not available to fix my problems. I went through my list of people to call, first off my mom. Talking to her, telling her my problem was more just to calm myself down so that I could call a friend without losing it completely on the phone.

Then I called JG, but he didn't answer the only number I could find for him. I called AW. She walked me through a system restore, but that didn't solve it. I asked her if she saw JG if she could ask him to call me. (I might have said "Tell him to call me." Which is rude, but I was panicking folks, ok?) I sobbed a little more, then posted on Facebook, because I do that way too much, then turned off my computer for an hour.

Maybe it would magically fix itself, right? One can always hope. It didn't. I turned it back on, to check my life. I am tied to it. This is my link to the outside world whilst my girls have been sick. But I digress. JG called and said he can take my box home and see if he can fix it. This won't really cut me off from the world, since I do have another working box (its just older and slower) in the office. Yes, I have a back-up computer, don't you? So now I am going to disconnect this puppy and cross my fingers that the other box sets up easily.

And did you know, that the wind is whipping my house like a wicked child? It is. We have some nasty wind right now. Whoosh! I hope my trees withstand the wind, because I took a few of them off of the stakes.


LG said...

Oh no, I think that was my cell phone you tried to call. I screen my calls if it's a number I don't recognize, and apparently I don't have you in my cell phone. I'm changing that right now. Did you call from a cell or from home (so I can can mark it accordingly)?

leena said...

Oh boy, you too. I also picked up something called a Trojan attack - TR/Drop Agent.qkm when I was on PW's site yesterday. Actually I got 2 weird notices of viruses about 3 days ago on her site but thought the AV program took care of them. Last night, I scrolled over one of PWs photos and I began getting these notices of the Trojan from my AVIRA av program every 5 to 30 minutes. Still going on today. I'm thankful it's not sending mail like yours but it's so frustrating. I have been googling to see if anyone knows about this. Very little out there and NONE of the big AV companies have any record of this trojan name except AVIRA.

Woe is me, woe is you. I wonder if anyone has told PW about this? I am not going back there and don't have an email address. Probably need to tell Symantec, McAfee and Ms too, imagine loads more people are hit too. What a bummer.

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