I have so jinxed myself, haven't I? Remember last week, I said that I was too busy for Rhayn to be sick? I thought she would get better, and that it was just allergies or something because right now the air quality is pretty poor here. Its been windy and dry.

I took her to school as always, then went home to clean and purge some things. We needed to move a few old bookcases out of the house because we got a new, large one. I sat down with Gwennie, who was acting very grumpy, to watch a little television around lunch time. She promptly fell asleep on my lap. After I could tell she was out, I moved her over and came upstairs to try to call my friend JD. Her line was busy. However not five minutes after I hung up the phone, my phone rang. It was Rhayn's school. She was in the office because she didn't feel well.

I grabbed my still sleeping Gwennie and rushed to the school to pick up Rhayn. She said her throat hurt and her head and she felt sick to her stomach. We stopped at Sonic on the way home to get some lemon-lime soda. (I always like it when I am feeling sick to my stomach.) Rhayn fell asleep in the car on the way home. She then let me carry her inside and take her shoes off. She was out.

For the past four hours she has been on the couch, and now the ottoman. At one point I checked on her and she was on the floor. She proceeded to throw up the little bit that was in her stomach before moving to the leather ottoman. I asked her if it was comfortable and she told me it was.

I know she is really sick, since she has been asleep all day. That is not like her. She has to be very ill before she succumbs to slumber. She has had a low fever with it, too. Its about 100. I am watching her closely, and every so often I make her take a little drink. I know she isn't staying hydrated.

Her illness has given me today to get a lot done. I have cleaned out a few bookcases, gathered four nearly full bags of outgrown clothes and toys to be given away. I finally put away the last load of clothes from last week's laundry day, just in time for this week's laundry. I even cleaned the litter box. So, yes it has been sad to see my girlie sick but it has been very good for me. Rather like the Mental Health Day I was saying I needed. (I also got to go out with a friend for a few hours yesterday. Which was nice, I just hope that my sickly girl didn't give the illness to their son.)


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I hope she feels better soon, and I'm glad you got lots done today. :)

BrieP said...

Poor girly! I hope she feels better soon!

What are you doing with your old book case?

leaner said...

Brie- I have a couple of things that are coming with me, if we make it to Coolidge this weekend, for you or to keep at Mom's.

Amie said...

I wonder why Rayhn gets sick so often... she seems to catch everything that comes around, poor thing! Do you immunize your kids?-- just curious. And if you don't, I'd love to hear your reasons behind it. Hope you don't mind me asking.

leaner said...

I do immunize them.

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