The Day That Would Not End.

Today was one of those never stop for a moment days. And it also involved temper tantrums. Thank goodness for friends who can take the big kid to gymnastics whilst Gwennie screams at me in the car in the McDonald's parking lot.

This morning, I was thinking, "hmmm, what shall I do today?" Then it occurred to me that an acquaintance was starting a playgroup that I wanted to check out. This would be good fun for Gwennie, so we went. Only we were the only people to show up (it had been a little last minute.) But it was a nice morning. Gwennie was great up until we were leaving. She didn't want to, and I was trying not to yell at her. I kept trying to usher her to the door, but it wasn't working. She wanted to stay and play. I don't blame her, they have the most awesome, kid-friendly back yard. But I digress. (I had to look that up, I didn't know what digress meant, but I was pretty sure I was using it properly, again, I digress!)

When we left there, filled with Assyrian lentil soup and tasty bread, we went to a consignment store to attempt find some shorts for me. Which was followed by a trip to one of my favorite lunch places "The Cyprus Grill" for some Greek Fries and bruschetta. Only as I ordered it, I realized that it was Tuesday, gymnastics day. So I got the fries to go and we drove at a swift pace home to grab the gymnastics things. On my way, I received a call from my friend whose children are also in the gymnastics class. She wanted to know if I could pick her daughter up and meet her at McDonald's for ice cream. No problem I thought. I arrived at the school on time, and grabbed the girls. Gwennie was dawdling horribly, because one of the boys had a lizard and she wanted to hold it I am sure. I spoke to one of the moms about tilapia for a minute, then another mom stopped me. "Are we still having the class meeting tonight even though Mr. T was out sick today?" Huh? Class meeting. Well yes, we had one scheduled it was on the school white board. Duh. I stopped another mom to ask her, and she said she would call Mr. T and ask him.

Fast forward to McDonalds. Everything is going well. I ate an ice cream for the sugar (hoping for energy, because I was running on fumes at that point.) I mentioned the class meeting to my friend. She wasn't aware of it either. But I waited for Pam to call or text or something to let me know. Little did I know that my phone was not getting a signal whilst I sat on it.

We all get ready to leave McDonalds. Gwennie still has her socks on, so I tell her to leave them on. She looks right at me, and rips them off her feet. Um, no. I grab her around the waist and pick her up. I ask Rhayn to walk out with her friend and take Gwennie directly to the car and put her in her car seat. She is throwing a temper tantrum like no other. Screaming crying, the whole bit. I sit calmly in the front seat listening to Death Cab For Cutie (its calmish music, right?)

My friend comes up to my window and asks if I want her to take Rhayn to gymnastics and if so, can she have her clothes. I say "Yes, I think I will be here for a while." Her answer, "That is what I figured."

Gwennie sort of calmed down in about five minutes. Enough calm that I was willing to drive across the intersection to the gymnastics place. She wouldn't sit still through Rhayn's class which is before hers. Totally normal. While we waited, my friend got a text saying that the class meeting was still on. She was willing to take Rhayn with her to feed her horses while I stayed and watched Gwennie's class. Then she would get Rhayn some dinner at McDonalds.

Gwennie's class was going well, she was participating in everything. Then the lights went out. But the teacher just opened up the curtain and they kept going in the near dark. I did get Gwennie a few minutes early since we had to be at the meeting at 6 and class was over at 6. We didn't have time to go to McDonalds, because the power outage had affected the street lights. We sat at the intersection watching the police direct traffic for about five minutes.

Remember how I had gotten fries to go earlier? Well we hadn't eaten them all, so that is what Gwennie and I had for dinner. The class meeting was good. The same few folks there.

And we got home at almost 8. I checked my email and then started to write this. Whew. I am exhausted reliving the day. Tomorrow I am taking a slow day. I might even go and get a pedicure because I need some rest and those are so relaxing. I am feeling calmer just thinking about it!


BrieP said...

Wow that made me tired just thinking about it!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Boy you've had a busy day.. Hope you get that pedicure!

leaner said...

Alas- no pedicure. I did buy a bookshelf and put it together which was a huge undertaking.

bodaat said...

I LOVE the new background!! It's very gorgeous. :)

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