Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

In a few weeks it will be Easter. Yet another holiday passing with out him home. But this one isn't a really big deal in our house and we celebrated it sans Daddy last year, too.

What are your traditions? What does the bunny bring in the basket? Does the Easter Bunny come to your house? Or do you celebrate differently?

When we were kids there was always a basket of goodies, mostly candy and a kite or some bubbles. Something simple and that would be played with outdoors. The eggs were also hidden outside.

Thus far, Easter has been inside at our house. How does the Easter Bunny get in? Much like Santa, I suppose. This year, hopefully it will be better. Usually the baskets are too full, too. (Like the stockings Santa fills!) I am not sure what to get to fill them. I know I have a few weeks more, but I am feeling like I should be doing something to prepare for it. (Besides painting my upstairs like an Easter Egg. So, I like pastels... and your point is?)
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