Count Down- 6

Saturday evening the family gathered in the desert for some foil dinners and dutch oven cobbler. Here is my Dad showing us how to move a dutch oven with his neat handle.

The weather was perfect, and we all have a nice time. The fire was pretty big at one point. Beautiful.Today I cleaned our toy/play/game room. We moved things around, and cleaned the carpets. I also picked up Will's office. I had been shoving crap in there as storage. Plus when I went to Richmond one of the cats was stuck in there (with no food or water or litter box!) So there was a little bit of mess on the floor. She had used a box of shipping supplies as a little box, but it looked like she missed one time. Plus she tore up the carpet in one corner (and keeps going back to rip it up a little more.) I am not yet feeling overwhelmed by him coming home. Nervous a little, of course. But not freaking out like I will be on Saturday. Luckily I have a pretty full day on Saturday.

Gwennie has been moved into Rhayn's room. Today was the first day she really fought me. Last night she climbed into bed with me around midnight (she had wet her bed.) Tonight, she didn't want to go to bed, she clung to me like I was leaving her. She kept getting up and running through the house. I could hear her because I was downstairs watching Baby Mama. I had to come up and yell at her three times. It will get easier. I remember how hard it was for Rhayn when we moved her out of our room. But Rhayn hadn't been asking to move for weeks. She hadn't been telling me that she didn't want to sleep with me anymore. In any event, I have to stick it out. We will all be happier in the long run if she is in the other room. Well, maybe not Rhayn. She doesn't want to share her room.

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Amie said...

I love dutch oven cooking--I'm not that good at it, but I love it!

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