Count Down- 7

And so it begins. One week to go and the stress dreams have started. Last night they involved him and I not being able to find a moment alone. Soon they will include an inability to make it to the airport. The dreams may involve him coming off the airplane and seeing us right before turning around and leaving. But the next week will be filled with disjointed sleep, brimming with dreams of my fears. Filthy house, period starting, airplane crashes, really bad hair days... you name it, and my dreams this week will feature it.

I just need to keep on keeping on, while trying to get things done and especially remember to shave my legs. Did you know, that is one of the things on every one's list for me? I say that I have a list of things I want to accomplish before Will comes home. And then the person says "Like cleaning the windows and shaving your legs?"or some variation of that. Actually I want to get my legs and armpits waxed so I can ignore them while he is home and not waste time shaving! Any one get theirs waxed? Any advice on it? A good place to get it done?


bodaat said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one mentionning the shaving of the legs! :) Maybe try some relaxation techniques and meditation/yoga before sleepy time? That might help? ps - I don't get my legs waxed...I did that for about 6 years and hated it. So painful but my best friend waxes all the time and loves it. Guess it comes down to the waxee. :) Good luck!!

Mo said...

I am totally the wrong person to ask about leg waxing. I have only ever had mine done once, and it was for my wedding day of course! I got other things waxed then as well, though I'd rather not think about it too much because it will make my eyes water.

I am completely sure that Will will love just being with you again waxed or not! :)

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