Count Down- 4 more full days

I think my math is off. But since I am posting at night- I mean that there are 4 full days until the day he comes home. Does that make sense? Its Tuesday- and he has leave Sunday... Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday equals 4 days. Four days between now and then.

Ok, writing it out made it look better.

We still have no word from him on actual times of arrival. He may not be home until Monday I telling myself, because I don't know when he will fly out and when he will arrive here. Not knowing is making me feel just the slightest bit panicky. I actually didn't hear from him at all today. But I am trying not to worry (ha fat chance of that). There have been days with no emails before, its just that I want that connection between him and me. I love seeing his name on my emails. It makes my whole day. Sometimes I even turn my computer on in the morning before the girls get up, just to check, usually when I ask him a question and am hoping for an answer. No questions sent last night, although I did send one this morning.

Did I mention that I am nervous about seeing him? I mean I know that he loves me, but I worry that maybe I let myself go a little while he was gone (hence my desire to wax my legs and.. maybe... um... well... other parts of me.) I know its ridiculous that I feel this way, but still, it is how I feel. I am anxious. But I hide it well. Yup, I hide it very well.


bodaat said...

Will is going to devour you up! Just you wait and see! :) But I kinda know how you feel. When I was dating this guy long distance I would always get really nervous right before we saw each other for a weekend. I know that you're in a different situation but at the same time I know that it's perfectly normal to feel all silly anxious about the visit. ps - please take lots of pics!!

Mid-life Midwife, CPM said...

I just attended a birth of a mama with a small brood. She's married to a career Army guy who is going back to Afghanistan in 3 weeks. Her sadness and strength reminded me of you.

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