Count Down?

I know that I am stressed out. I am barely holding it together, but as always I look strong on the outside while my insides are churning and clenching. Luckily for me, this does not become a backed up system. I am very regular and glad of it! (Did I just talk about poop?)

Today was a fine day, we had handwork here. La la la, it was a small group- the way I prefer it. Lots of talking about Twilight (which was great for me!) We didn't really make much, I did make a little felt heart- which turned out really cool (will post pictures on my sewing blog or photo blog when I get around to it.)

After we picked Rhayn up at school we went to Target with her best buddy Lorna and her mom. We walked around and chatted which was nice. Then we came home. I spent the afternoon cleaning the car's and truck's interior. I also vacuumed the garage floor. It was pretty nasty. Now I only need to wash the outside of the car and truck. But not a huge deal if that doesn't get done. Our California Pepper tree needed trimming. So it was thinned out quite a bit. Every time I touch that tree I smell like pepper.

This evening Gwennie went in the bathroom and shut the door (signals she is pooping... wait, I am talking about poop again?) But after a few minutes she came out and said "I had poop all over my bottom, but I cleaned it all up." It was clear to me by the smell that there was still a mess. Then she added "I pooped in my pants, too." I stood up and checked the bathroom, just a little bit of mess on the seat, and some dirty pants on the floor. I told her we were going to take a shower to clean up.

Following the shower we ate some leftovers. Then the girls and I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Gwennie climbed into my lap and felt like a heater. But she kept telling me she was cold. Her temperature was a little over 101. I had Rhayn get her a cup of water and held her in my lap for the rest of the movie. She really liked this one part where Milly tells the brothers "If you're going to eat like hogs" or something then pushes the table over. Gwennie thought that part was silly and kept saying "If you're going to eat like pigs."

Now Gwennie is asleep, and hopefully this is just a little viral thing that works its way out of her by tomorrow, because I made an appointment for tomorrow at a salon that has childcare in it (yeah!) to get some hair yanked off of my legs and armpits.

And finally, some pictures from a birthday party we attended not too long ago. Thanks again, Mo, for inviting us!


Mo said...

Kendra is sick too with a nasty cough thingy and a temp. Hope Gwennie feels better soon so that she is fully up to par to see her Daddy. YAY!!!! :)

Thank you for coming to the party, we loved spending time with you. I still haven't sorted most of the pics out but there are some really nice ones of you and the girls and I will email them eventually!

Alex's Human said...

Forget about the poop, did you just say you VACUUMED the GARAGE floor??

leaner said...

Yes, yes I did vacuum the garage. There was cat litter on it from an oil spill. So I used to garage vac (isn't that part of what its for?) Usually I just blow the dirt out of it. You see the monsoon storms blow a lot of dust in under the garage door. It gets really gross. And no- its not because I am anal, ok?

Mo said...

I acually saw one of my neighbours vacuuming their DRIVEWAY the other day!!! Maybe it is me who is wierd, but vacuuming outside seems a little screwy to me!

leaner said...

That would be odd. I have swept our driveway and used the air blower thingy to blow it off, but never actually vacuumed it. I think I may have come close yesterday. The garage vac was just working so well. LOL. I was amazed at how much cleaner the garage looked when I went out there this morning!

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