Happy New Year 2009

I am thrilled at this moment, excited because there is a chance that my anniversary will not be celebrated apart from my other half.

That is right, folks. He just might be getting a few weeks of leave in mid February.

How frickin' awesome is that?

I would like to be celebrating that, instead I am thinking about my bed, and the sleep I will soon be entering. You see in the grand tradition of my family, I have a head cold. One of us is always sick for New Years. On New Years Eve, when the sneezes wouldn't stop, I hoped it was my SIL and BIL's dogs. I thought maybe Rimmer was making my allergies act up. I hoped, maybe it was just the unusually large amount of particulates in the air outside. No, it has turned into a nose dripping, eyes oozing, throat raw, upper respiratory funk.

I hope you all had an awesome New Year's Eve. It has to have been better than mine! And I wish you all a Happy 2009, may you get all you desire this year.


Mo said...

Dear Leaner, I am so happy for you! I also hope that you feel better soon.

tif-do said...

Yay for you, not the sick yuckies, but the possibility of a visit from your lovey!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I really do hope your husband is able to come home for your anniversary. That is the one holiday, since we've been married, that we managed to be together for each year. :)

Oh no! I'm sick too.. I hope you feel better soon.

Pen-nut said...

Sorry you are sick, but so glad that your other half may be home for a visit - that is exciting news!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

bodaat said...

Please keep us posted. I'll be praying that you will get to see him soon!

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