Fun Photo Tag

A friend of mine suggested a photo challenge that I totally wanted to share with you all.

First you have to find a baby or toddler picture of yourself. Then attempt to take a self portrait in a very similar facial position.

Here is my attempt at it. I still need to work on my facial expressions. I plan to do a few more of these coming up, featuring myself at different ages. I am not sure how old I am in that picture. I guessed about 20 months, but maybe my Mom could help me out?

Lets get cracking, its fun and insightful to see yourself now compared to your baby self. (Its just a bonus to get your child- who looks NOTHING like you in the picture, too.) Tag- you are it!


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Very cute.. I might try to do this when I have some more time.. Right now the baby has a fever from teething.. so I should realy be trying to get some sleep while she's sleeping..

bodaat said...

LOVE the idea and I am soooooo going to do it!

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