San Diego Trip Part 3 (Finally Sea World)

Gwennie watching the waves.

Thursday the sun was shining when we got up and we knew it would be a great day for Sea World. We ate breakfast and headed out, not realizing once again that it was only about 8:30. Sea World was easy to get to, but didn’t open until 10. So we were faced with what to do while we waited. We chose to go for a drive. This time we headed north, and found Mission Beach.

Walking along the beach.

The clouds were soft, fluffy and white, perfect background for a lovely morning walk on the beach. Rhayn found more sea shells, while Gwennie and I watched people walk their dogs along the shore. My dad played with Gwennie, standing with her as the waves gently lapped the sand, then when the water got close he would lift her up. She loved that. We stayed on the beach until about 9:30 before heading back to Sea World. We arrived there with time to spare, even before the gates opened.

I used my military ID, which allowed the girls and me to enter free. It also gave my parents a 20% discount on tickets. I have to say that Sea World was the most welcoming place for military that I have ever encountered. There were signs saying “Here’s to the Heroes” all over the park and most of the shows thanked the soldiers and their families for their service in the start of the show.

Waiting for the exhibits to open.

The whale in the front is Orchid Shamu. We loved her.

The entire day was beautiful, there were no lines for anything. We were able to walk onto the rides, usually just waiting for the last ride to stop. We watched the shows, and checked out so many animals. There were a few exhibits we didn’t get to see, simply because of time (the park closed at 5 the day we were there.) But Rhayn was able to ride the Journey to Atlantis ride three times, and I think she would have done it a few more if there was time. Gwennie rode the Elmo’s Flying Fish ride (with me) she liked that ride, but didn’t care for the rides like the tea cups or the eel.

Watching the Dolphin show.

In the Polar Bears' Den.

Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea...

Rhayn wanted to ride the Sky Ride, but only with Grandpa. (And I had my self all ready to ride it.)

Rhayn wanted to get wet. She wanted to sit in the “soak zone” during the shows, but we wouldn’t let her during the dolphin show, or the pet parade show. I sat with her in the wet zone during the Shamu show, which was awesome. We were just high enough that we did not get a single drop on us. But during the Clyde and Seamore show, Rhayn sat on the bottom row and finally did get a little wet.

After we left Sea World, we needed to get dinner. My only desire during the trip (besides taking the girls to Sea World) was to eat sea food on or near the ocean. When we had been at Mission Beach earlier I had noticed a restaurant right on the beach. I told my mom that we should go there, and we did. It was simply called World Famous, and it was delightful. We sat outside clinging to the heater and ate fresh sea food. Our table was practically on the beach, the only thing between us and the sand was the sidewalk that ran the length of the beach. I had a sea bass plate and Gwennie had the best Pacific Clam Chowder. Well, really she didn’t eat it at first, she snuggled into my lap. Later we went to the restroom and she threw up the bread she had eaten. Which made her feel better, and she ate a little of the clam chowder after that.

Delicious food, but this is after the puking. Rhayn was holding Gwennie so that she wouldn't be cold.

My dad had a hankering for another Apple Pancake, we decided that it was a “world famous” night, so we needed to get one. I put the girls in the tub at the hotel while my mom and I ran out to get an apple pancake. It was just as good the second night, so it is on my list of food places I would like to go again!

Gwennie was not done puking after dinner. She pretty much vomited every hour all night long. She is an excellent puker, though. She made it to the toilet every time, she would wake me up “I think I’m gonna throw up” I would hear softly in my ear, and I would help her get up or even just watch her make it to the bathroom. Then she would hold her little body over the toilet and heave. Most of the time it was dry heaves, and I would have her drink a little water. I felt so bad for her, and all of us, because she woke us all up every time (well besides Rhayn, she can sleep through a lot once she allows herself to sleep!)

In the morning my mom, dad and Rhayn went to see if they could find the geocaches that we were unable to find on Wednesday (because they were really close to the hotel.) I stayed in the room with Pukey McVomitsalot while she slept. By 10 she was feeling much better and had even eaten, and kept down, some fruit loops and orange juice. The mighty cachers came back and we loaded up and headed out.

My dad, just before her snowball hit him. She has a good throw!

The trip home was nice. When we came to the mountains of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park they were covered in snow. We even stopped so that we could make some snowballs. My dad threw a snowball at Rhayn and hit her in the eye (even through the bush she was ducked behind.) She got him a few times, too. We also stopped in Yuma at the Yuma Territorial Prison.

Wind power and snow.

At around 8pm, Arizona time, we arrived back at my parents’ house. Our dogs were glad to see us. And we were glad to be out of the truck.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

What a great time.. Sea World, the beach, seafood, and snow!

leaner said...

It was a great time. Well, except for the puking part. But its not a true vacation if someone doesn't vomit at least once!

bodaat said...

Thank you for all the posts and wonderful pictures! Looks like you all had a terrific time - the story of the apple pancake has my mouth watering. :)

Amy said...

Glad to hear Gwennie wasn't sick the entire vacation. Sounds like, despite the vomiting, you were able to enjoy some of the great California sites....and foods!

Amie said...

Your sea world day was perfect! So sorry about the puking..that always stinks up a vacation, but it looks like you all dealt with it well. I'm glad you could get out of town and you did it pretty cheaply too!

Mo said...

What a lovely and memorable record you now have of your vacation! Thank you for sharing it with us. It looked like you all had a great and busy time.

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