A long and fun day.

Me as the "TrepidatiousPocketLady"
Do not ask me what I am doing with my right hand, because I do not have any idea.

I managed to make it through my TrepidatiousPocketLady time. It wasn't as frightening as I thought, which is what I knew (in my mental part, it was that darn emotional part of me leaking out). I almost had fun doing it. I joked around a little, because some of the parents asked what it was like to have your personal space invaded by five children all at once. (That wasn't horrible, had it been adults picking my pockets and in my space, I might have felt weird, though.) Gwennie and Rhayn actually stayed by my side the whole time. Which made me feel better for some reason. I guess I was able to put on a brave face for them.

Gwennie making a candle holder.Rhayn making a candle holder.

Really I am too tired to write beautifully about the day. I can say that the girls had an awesome time. (I assume Rhayn did, because I barely saw her all day.) Gwennie took a nap in my arms, and I know I will be aching tomorrow from it. We got a few Christmas gifts taken care of. And, I am so ready to nap or maybe take a hot bath. So much for taking them to watch the Messiah at the college tonight. I am glad I didn't tell them about that, because I don't have the energy for it at all.

I had invited a couple of blogging friends to come to the fair. It was awesome to meet these women in person that I have been reading about for a while now. I think that meeting them on my "turf" was easier for me. I was worried about meeting them. Really, I am such a nut job. I worry too much. But maybe worrying about things that don't matter (like being the pocket lady or meeting some women that I know I have a lot in common with) is really just me projecting my worry about my husband on something else. Sounds like solid logic to me. I am great at putting my emotions and feelings into little boxes that I can hide away. It makes total sense that I would also place worry on ridiculous things, like I did today.
Gwennie the drummer, she has rhythm. I want to know where she got it!

It was funny, because I saw a person that I thought might be Mo, but since I have only ever seen pictures of her and her two beautiful girls, I wasn't sure. I stood back and finished a candle for Rhayn, then walked over to where she was. (Also Rhayn was by her making a cookie at that point.) And to my joy (relief?) she came up to me, and introduced herself. And you know what? It wasn't weird in the least. It felt like I had known her for a while. Which I suppose I have. She told me that we have met before, which was neat.

Hubby hadn't called in two weeks (cause of my irrational worry? hmmm), and has barely emailed this week (only once I think, and it was a sad sounding email, that made me miss him way too much- read the Useless post). But he called while we were out today and left a short message, and that eases a little of my fear. I have to remember that as long as no uniformed officers show up at my house, the worst has not happened.


homeslice said...

i'm so glad you got out there and let random kiddies pick your pockets!!! it's great.

as for nervousness, i know the feeling. hopefully when you come here we'll feel like old friends too :-)

leaner said...

I try not to think about that, in fact my scaredy-cat side has almost wanted to back out. Hence buying the tickets when I did. It means I would be wasting money if I backed out. It is a way to force myself to do it, to be brave and strong and have a good time like I know we will!

Mo said...

Dear Leaner,

I was so happy to see you and your girls today too! We had a truly wonderful day, what an amazing faire. Everything was so perfect for children, and the girls were in heaven. (So was I with all that tie die! :) Thank you for thinking of us and hope to see you and your lovely girls again soon. x

Amy said...

All hail the Pocket Lady! You looked great, even if you were a tad nervous.

Having known Mo for over three years now it doesn't surprise me in the least that your meeting was so natural and comfortable. She's an increadible friend. I'm glad you got the chance to talk to her in person.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Blessings!

bodaat said...

Weeeeeeeee! It was nice to meet you too! We should do it again - really we should. We should all grab coffee or something. Thank you for the invite. It was such a perfect day and there was such a welcoming energy there. I don't know how to describe it but it was lovely. Thank you again!

Amie said...

awesomeness. =)

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