Getting Ready for the Holidays

Shush, I know it is early, but I put up our Christmas tree today. I just felt like it, and I take these days when I want to do something seriously. (I also rearranged our pantry... haha I wrote panty first. I labeled containers with Will's labelmaker, oh yeah, its sweet. )
Rhayn wanted her hair curled.

I wanted to get pictures of the girls by the tree (undecorated looks better to me) for our family Christmas card. Last years was really great. This year's is equally good, and if you want me to send you a Christmas card (unless you are family and I am pretty sure I have your address) email me, m'kay? Our dog did not make it into the picture like she did last year. I tried, but it was just too much for all three of them to cooperate.
You have to pick your nose sometime.

I also wanted our tree up for a week before we decorate it to see how our newest member (Alice) does with it. Lets just say she is a kitten, a fat kitten and often knocks things around. She chews on plastic bags, too. She chewed her way into the Krusteaz pancake mix bag. She is a total pain, but also? She is really cute sometimes.

Rhayn is feeling much better. She will be back at school tomorrow and life will get back to normal. I would say I feel better, except my head is stuffy and hurts. I could not breath through my nose last night, and dreamt about glasses of water because my mouth was dry. But its been a productive day. And I am so not ready for my Spanish test.

Plum tuckered out from posing prettily.


Amy said...

The girls look darling! Now you've made me want to pull out our old tree and set it up. (Actually, the hubbie already decorated our house with lights and those garishly obnoxious blow-up characters, so I guess we're already halfway there.)

Good luck on your Spanish test. I always found that the more distracted I became towards exam day the better I did on the test. Does that even make sense?

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Good luck on the test.. Oh I just love Christmas. I think tomorrow I will be wrapping some presents! :)

bodaat said...

My house will morph in to Christmas wonderland two weekends from now and I'm jazzed about it! By the time decorating is over, I'll be snorting tinsel and glitter like there's no tomorrow. I LOVE this season! Congrats on the tree and pics. Please do post when you get a chance!

tif-do said...

The girls hair looks adorable. And I love the matching dresses. For 3 years I bought the girls matching dresses, but this year Kynzie moved up into a bigger size range, and its harder to find.
I really wanted to put up our tree, but I'm not sure now what we are doing for Christmas, so I don't think I'll put anything up. Kind of makes me sad!!!

Sara said...

The girls look adorable!

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