24 Hours

In twenty-four hours he will be home. In twenty-four hours I won't be single parenting. I am thrilled on so many levels, but scared at the same time. Every time he goes away, even for a short period of time I worry that he will come home, and see me, and no longer want me. It is such a ridiculous, irrational, unfounded fear.

I wonder if he will be happy with how the yard looks? How I look? How the girls look? Will he feel out of place, or will we fall happily back into our domestic life? Will it be horrible that I am due to start my period the day after he gets home? (I know the answer to that- not a fun time to start my moon time.)

Since we know he will only be home a few months, will it be hard to get back into a routine? Why do I have so many questions running through my mind? And I am exhausted... why can't I fall asleep?

The answer to that is probably because in twenty-four hours, he will be home.

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