Sleep Over

Last night Rhayn had her very first sleep over with her friend, Em. It was fairly nice since Em's mom is a really good friend of mine, and Em has a little sister who is friends with Gwennie. Oh, and then she has a 9 month old son. We felt that Em just staying wouldn't work, and Em's mom figured we could have a big sleep over.

It was fun, and we laughed and joked and the girls played. We walked to the park with the kids to let them run and then settled in for a nice movie (The Cat Returns.) After the movie big girls packed up and headed upstairs to sleep. Only Em has never slept without her mom, and wasn't able to. We got out the sleeping bags and Rhayn and Em slept on the floor near Em's mom. (But they didn't fall asleep until close to ten.) Around 4 Lily started whining and I took her outside. But she sort of woke up Em's little sister. Then the girls all woke up around 5ish. They are early risers. Luckily for me Gwen stayed asleep until 7.

Later on in the morning, (8ish) All four girls were upstairs playing quietly. Suddenly Em runs downstairs yelling "They got baby powder!" gasp gasp "And its everywhere!" gasp "They have glass cups and plastic cups and they are full. Of. Baby. Powder!"

We rush upstairs to find this.

And this.

What a mess, no wonder they were being so quiet! Together we were able to get the mess cleaned up in about twenty minutes. Whew. What a morning.

All of the kids had a lot of fun. But me? I am exhausted.

Gratuitous picture of Em's little brother's beautiful hair. Don't you just want to run your fingers through it? Well, I do. And I proceed to every time I see him.

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I love finding those kind of messes! I am glad you had help to clean it though!

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