Messes and Menses

Being a girl sucks. Its moon time at my house. Yes, it arrived merely hours before my husband is due to arrive home. She brought along her lovely friends- Anxious, Crampy, Mean, and Snappy. At least she left Migraine at home this time. She also brought along a bad case of the lazies. Which is not good, because I was putting off cleaning out the car until today, and it is so filthy that I don't want Will to see it (A mostly empty bag of Trader Joe's Everything Pretzel Slims was spilled in the front seat about a week ago. I love those things, just about the only think Trader Joe's is good for in my opinion.)

I think I shall watch some television, and think about how much I should be doing while dinner is heating up the kitchen...errr... um... I mean, heating up IN the kitchen.

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