MamaMonday: Celebrate

This weeks MamaMonday theme is Celebrate. I however do not feel much like celebrating at all. In fact I feel like curling up into a tiny ball in a corner somewhere and being alone. But I can't do that. I can't get away from life at all. I need to make sure that Rhayn gets to and from school every day and that the girls are fed.

It is Cinco de Mayo, which is an excuse to drink many Coronas and party. Not something I ever celebrate, but it is huge here.

Sunday is Mother's Day. It doesn't mean anything to me really. Rhayn is excited about it, saying we need to go to church with my parents because there is something they are doing.

Saturday is Rhayn's last soccer game, and after that I have an afternoon shopping trip planned with a friend of mine. Her husband has graciously offered to watch the four kids (my 2 and their 2- all girls) while we shop, without kids. Is that a reason to celebrate? I think so, because I need a little bit of child-free time. I always want to celebrate Mother's Day with a few hours alone.

Also, Gwen is making great strides in the potty department. I am actually getting a little excited about it. She has peed and pooped on the potty so often she has stopped asking for "a candy" after every time. In fact, as long as we are at home, and she is bottomless, she makes it every time. If I attempt to put panties on her, she will eventually pee in them.

It is only supposed to be 92 today and dropping into the lower 80s for Tuesday and Wednesday. There is also a slim chance, but still a chance, for rain this week. I will take it, gladly, if the clouds form into rain I will do a little rain dance. Or maybe I should do a rain dance and hope for rain.

I guess I have a few reasons to celebrate this week, but also? I have a little bit of a cold, and it is making me tired and lazy.

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Mo said...

I will do a rain dance as well and that will double our chances! :)

I am sure your girls are wanting to celebrate Mothers Day to show you how much they love you! My eldest said last night, "Mommy, we have a surprise for you in Daddy's drawer but don't tell Daddy I told you because it is a secret!" I had to smile. :)

I hope that you get to feel as special as you should on Sunday!

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